Institute for Research
and Publication (IRP)

About IRP

Institute for Research and Publication (IRP) is a research promoting and publication based organization. It promotes the research ideas throughout the world and publish peer reviewed journals in three major areas i.e., business and economics, humanities and social science, and science and technology. The contents of these journals are free to access for every visitor from anywhere of the world. All the journals are published in both print and online. The institute is located at Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Vision & Mission

The IRP’s vision is to become one of the leading research promoting and publishing network in the world. It works in generating and disseminating the latest research findings through a comprehensive blending of academic journals.

The Institute's mission is to support and advance the research activities around the world through research papers evaluation and publication around the world.


The core values of Institute for Research and Publication (IRP) include commitment, innovation, flexibility, diversity, timeliness, zero discrimination, quality in every step and global thinking.